Federally Chartered Affiliate Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities

Fed Charter Net Branch Opportunities

 I am seeking a Fed Chartered Net Branch Opportunity can Lenders United help?

A) Yes! Lenders United has close relationships with executives of national banks that ask Lenders United to present them with quality fed charter net branch prospects to grow the mortgage division of national banks.

Do you operate a loan production office and are seeking a federally chartered affiliate net branch opportunity?


Why should we look into lenders united fed charter net branch opportunities?

A) The best Fed Charter Net Branch opportunities are not being sold on the open market to any branch manager operating a net branch. Joining a quality fed charter opportunity with a national bank is extremely tough. That is where Lenders United’s close relationship with executives of national banks comes into play.

Lenders United represents some of the best Fed Charter Net Branch Opportunities. Lenders United chartered banks are so strong; we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry on par with the likes of Provident Funding!


Our Fed Charter Net Branch Opportunities Include:

  • Nationally Ranked!
  • Lenders United represents chartered banks that are ranked in the top 25 on www.bauerfinancial.com , abjusa.com/ , and www.aba.com.
  • Texas Ratio- The Texas Ratio is a way to measure how risky a bank is. The formula tells you how likely the bank is to be dragged down by bad loans. By looking at Texas Ratios, you may be able to spot banks that are more likely than others to fail.
  • Lenders United chartered net branch opportunities are with FDIC banks that have some of the best Texas Ratios in the country!
  • Why does that matter?
  • If a bank has a high Texas ratio, it usually means financial problems due to bad loans. FDIC banks are controlled by the OCC, when a bank has a high Texas Ratio, the OCC can come in at any time and force the closure of an entire mortgage division and or bank!

See, we know our stuff!

  • Chartered Net Branch Opportunities are exempt from licensing in all 50 states.
  • Federally Chartered loan officers and mortgage consultants are exempt from licensing in all 50 states. Your net mortgage branch has the ability to do loans nationwide with no license!
  • This allows you to employ loan officers and mortgage consultants nationwide faster and more efficiently
  • Our Chartered Banks Approach to your affiliate mortgage fed charter net branch opportunity or loan production office is to focus on production! Our chartered banks will handle all of the back office mortgage and administrative tasks for the mortgage net branch! Service! Service! Service!




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Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities – Fed Charter Net Branch Opportunities